Updated 2023-05-08

NBA Stats & Analysis, powered by Python & NextJS

This is an under-construction site hosting NBA stats and analysis. Thus far, I've expanded upon Dean Oliver's Four Factors, applying Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling using PyMC3 to estimate seven fundamental statistics on a team-by-team basis on both ends of the floor. These estimates are opponent, home court, and luck adjusted, with plans for travel, rest, and perhaps even seasonality. Finally, I combine these fundamentals to estimate each team's offensive and defensive ratings, which, when combined with pace (also opponent adjusted) on each end of the floor, produce a net margin. This brief introduction will have to do for now, but I'll certainly be writing a more complete writeup on my blog at mattefay.com. Finally, you can find the code for this site along with the analysis producing these estimates at my github. Cheers!